It is a good thing to induce others to excercise charity.

To do so is to practice all virtues at once.

"St. Vincent de Paul


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Probation Service

Probation Service WebsiteDuring 2007 we joined forces with the National Probation Service in Manchester to forge a unique partnership allowing us to find work for 10 people per day to carry out their Community Service Orders within our organisation.

This has proved to be extremely beneficial to both ourselves and The Probation Service and has allowed The Society to expand this venture throughout the country.

For our part, it has enabled us to develop the Probation Service WebsiteFurniture Store and its associated projects to a new level. For offenders, it has allowed them to carry out their unpaid work orders in an environment where they feel they are making a real difference to the community.

Visit the National Probation Service's website by clicking the images on this page.